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Sunroof PPF (SPF) with blue layer is made to last. SPF can both absorb heat and dramatically accelerate the rate of heat dissipation, keep your vehicle dramatically cooler so that you will embrace a brand-new driving experience. Moreover, SPF blocks 99% of these harmful UV, providing long-term protection that preserves and prevents fading and discoloration of your car’s interior and also from skin damage. Besides, the safety of SPF is improved due to the excellent thickness and SPF can withstand the harshest conditions and damage with ease.


Infrared Ray Rejection
10-Year Warranty

Product advantages:

1. Four times thicker to 8 mil, generally other product thickness is 2 mil;
2. With coating protection effect, double excellent properties;
3. High heat insulation value and high gloss;
4. Our warranty time is 10 years;
5. The installation is more convinent, only on the outside of the car window.