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A2(AMAZING) is a product of UPPF high cost-effective glossy series which is made of unique anti-fouling hydrophobiccoat, and suitable for variety of vehicles.with proper thickness.It has the performance of anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and self-healing, so as to protect the paint to the utmost. and it’s a cost-effective choice with 5 years warranty.


1、HYDROCOAT™: The quality of product depends on the coating,and the coating determines the effect of stain resistance.Customized HYDROCOAT™ has superior anti-fouling performance to deal with all kinds of complex stain problem to keep the surface as bright as new.
2、Customized TPU by Lubrizol: made of limited customized TPU of Lubrizol.It has incomparable effect of high clarity and yellowing resistance.at the same time, it has amazing softness, which makes it more perfect to stretch and wrap during installation.
3、Installation performance:leading adhesive formulation,has high clarity、good stickiness,install repeatly with ease and without glue residue, peel without residue、without damage to original paint,solve many disadvantages of glue marks、glue residue by other products,simple and convenient for installation.


automotive、motorcycle、camper、motor vehicle、bicycle、yacht、aircraft etc.

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