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Want to know more about paint protection film?

1. What is an paint protection film?

paint protection film is simply a transparent protective film on the car paint surface, which is generally called by car enthusiasts: car clear bra, car paint protective film, etc. The product material is a polyurethane film, containing anti-UV Polymer, anti-yellowing, has super toughness, super resistance and not turning yellow, easy installation, anti-collision, can keep the car paint surface away from the air after installation, anti-acid rain, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, durable protect the paint of the car.


2. The parameters of common paint protection film?

Model: The size of the general paint protection film is 1.52m*15m

The mainly installation part: the whole car paint.

Imported paint protection film performance: strong wear resistance, the warranty life of more than 10 years. Usually with high stretch property and can be self healed at room temperature.

3. The relationship between paint protection film and body film?

The two are subordinate, the body film contains the paint protection film.

There are two kinds of film, one is the vinyl film, the main function is to decorate the car body and protect the car paint, the most important of which is to decorate the car body; the other is the paint protection film, the main function of the paint protection film is all-round The hard protective car paint and paint protection film can not only improve the gloss of the car paint surface, prevent the paint surface from corroding, but also prevent the paint surface from scratches and collisions.


4. The relationship between UPPF and ceramic coating?

The main function of the crystal coating is to improve the water repellent and brightness of the car paint. At the same time, the formation of hardened crystals on the surface of the car paint can prevent the car paint from being eroded by acid rain, bird droppings, gums and other harmful substances when it is parked in the open air. Make the car paint strong and durable. Compared with rhino leather, the advantage is that the price is moderate; the disadvantage is that it is not as durable as rhino leather, and it does not have a good preventive effect on the generation of scratches and the small stones splashed on the roadside by the wheels.

The function of the UPPF protective film is to completely isolate the continuous damage to the paint surface by acid rain, sand, bird droppings, ultraviolet rays, etc. At the same time, its high wear resistance can resist mild scratches, rubbing and lasting wear; and Compared with crystal plating, the advantage is that the protection of the car paint is more comprehensive, and the one-time construction will benefit life; the disadvantage is that the price is higher, but riders who need it can also choose local construction.

Both are car paint maintenance items: the first generation of traditional car paint beauty is waxing, the second generation is sealing glaze, the third generation is coating, and the better one is crystal plating. Then the latest generation, that is to say, the fourth generation product is the ppf. The traditional protection principle of paint maintenance (coating, crystal plating, etc.) is as follows: molecularly covering the surface of the car paint or penetrating the inside of the car paint to protect the car paint; the ppf is a high-brightness colorless transparent protective film directly pasted on the body, two The protective effect is self-evident. ppf is the inevitability of the transition period of car paint maintenance products.