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UPPF to Reveal Our New Metal Chrome Products at SEMA 2023

UPPF is proud to announce its latest innovation in high-end paint protection film. Exclusively developed by UPPF this year, our new Metal Chrome product has a luxurious metallic tone with a matte satin finish. Not only does our new Metal Chrome PPF feature the same protection against scratches and punctures as our standard paint protection films, but also enhances the brilliance of your car’s paint with a crisp, chrome sheen.



This new innovation enriches the depth and breadth of our comprehensive UPPF PPF portfolio. 

Research has documented the Chrome Metal category to be approximately 6% of automotive industries, of which UPPF is now part of. UPPF has concentrated their research and development on the latest automotive trends to ensure its products are at the forefront of the PPF industry.


This new innovation will offer the highest level of impact resistance protection in clear, self-healing paint protection films currently available in the market. Pioneering advanced film technologies, UPPF is your go-to PPF provider for further enhancing the appearance of your car.


Look no further, UPPF’s Metal Chrome film technology, accompanied with their existing product offerings, provides superior protection against surface-level chips, nicks, gravel, and scratches, making them the PPF product of choice for distributors and customers globally. Just as important, we enhance the vehicle’s protection by incorporating in our film’s formulation our special hydrophobic and self-healing topcoats resulting in the vehicle’s maintaining its like-new appearance.

Visit UPPF at the SEMA Show 2023. Booth Number #52229 at West Hall.


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