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UPPF Wins 2 Gold and 1 Bronze at Transform Awards Asia 2023

UPPF received three medals (2 gold, 1 bronze) for its excellence in rebranding and design strategy in partnership with Hauns at the Transform Awards Asia 2023, which were held at the W Hotel on the Bund in Shanghai on November 20. Represented by Hauns' entry, UPPF has been highly recognized for its best practice in corporate, product and global brand development work across three categories as follows:

l  Best Visual Identity from the Industrial and Basic Materials Sector, Gold

l  Best Visual Identity from the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector, Gold

l  Best Use of Copy Style or Tone of Voice, Bronze

As part of the rebranding initiative, UPPF has effectively redefined its brand slogan to ‘THE POWER OF PROTECTION’ since May 2022 and reconstructed its brand positioning; our redesigned brand logo has also conveyed a sense of advancement and momentum. This transformation has elevated UPPF to a new brand image characterized by power and juvenile vitality in line with its slogan of ‘THE POWER OF PROTECTION’ and the key brand attributes of ‘proactive, youthful, powerful, and protective’.

By revitalizing its slick, performance-driven new identity, UPPF has successfully delivered its brand 's core values in the past one and a half years. We have gained a strong presence in the international market, and successfully facilitated the establishment of a tangible brand perception between UPPF and consumers emotionally. To better cater to customer needs, ‘THE POWER OF PROTECTION’ is highlighted. Using technology-like visual cues and a glowing ‘F’ as a directional device, the brand immerses customers into a racing driving world. The dual strokes of the letter ‘F’ symbolize UPPF's dual-layer protection products - our PPF car wraps provide one layer of protection, and our unique patented platinum coating adds another layer, forming a dual-layer protection concept.

As a whole, the overall image brings out a strong personality tension, a good echo of the brand concept. Also, the brand’s objectives were delivered by an effective execution of color, visuals, and typography in a simple and elegant way. The rebranding better helps UPPF define and convey its own brand internationalization, and helps expand the influence of the international market in the future.



UPPF is a prominent mid-to-high-end car wrap and paint protection film brand. We are proud to maintain an expansive global network of 3,000+ certified dealers in over 85 countries. Committed to employing cutting-edge manufacturing and coating technologies, UPPF independently developed high-tech coating patent products have earned widespread recognition. These advancements have played a pivotal role in propelling market evolution and progress in the worldwide automotive wrap and paint protection film industry.




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