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Which areas could PFF be applied to a car?


Paint Protection Films can be applied to any exterior area of your car. Some interior applications are also available for enhanced protection. One of the most popular areas of coverage is the full front. It includes            Front Bumper, Hood, Fenders, and headlights. Since this area is getting the most amount of damage during driving, it is the first area you would want to protect. You can also apply PPF on partial Front End such as partial Hood full, front bumper, and partial fenders.In this post, we’ll highlight the different options that are available to you if you don’t want your entire car protected by a Paint Protection Film (PPF).

So, you don’t have to have your entire car covered with PPF – you can choose the specific parts of the vehicle that you want to be protected instead.

Below, we’ve illustrated the typical options our customers choose, depending on the reasons they’ve chosen to have Paint Protection Film applied in the first place.

Option 1

The most vulnerable areas that are prone to stone chipping and pitting on the front of the car. This consists of coverage to the front of the bonnet, bumper, front of wings, headlights and wing mirrors. This is a great for anyone seeking a basic level of protection to prevent stone chips to the most common areas of the vehicle.


Option 2

This is perhaps the most popular part for a car to install paint protection film, which offers full protection to the entire front end of the car. It’s a great option for anyone wanting substantial protection from stone chips, dirt, grit and pitting etc. This consists of full coverage to the bonnet, bumper, front wings, headlights and wing mirrors.


Option 3

Again, this is another popular option as it provides full protection to the entire front end of the car as well as the particularly vulnerable areas along the sides. It’s perfect for anyone that’s looking for substantial protection from the worst the elements can throw at your car. As above, this includes stone chips, dirt, grit, and so on. This option consists of full coverage to the bonnet, bumper, front wings, headlights, wing mirrors, a-pillars and side-skirts.


Option 4

If you want complete vehicle protection, then this is suitable for you. This provides a complete paint protection film to all the external painted and carbon lacquered areas of the car. It has a self-healing top coat that’ll help prevent swirl marks and light surface scratches to the entire car, as well as protecting the vehicle from all the usual suspects we’ve mentioned in the previous 3 options above.

Find out more

If you’re not sure what part to choose and would like a more in-depth insight before deciding, visit our UPPF home page, which drills down deeper into the process of how we apply a Paint Protection Film to your vehicle.