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Are Paint Protection Films necessary?



You gotta consider a few things first: How would you feel if you parked on the roadside and your car paint gets scratched by other cars? It doesn’t matter if there are lots of small scratches on the car paint or if you wash your car, it cannot be recovered. How would you feel? Lastly, bugs and bird droppings are inevitable when you park under a tree. In most cases, you would need to repaint your car. How would you feel? If you’re okay with these situations, then you probably don’t need paint protection film.


Are all PPF installation the same?‍

While you are shopping and doing your research, you will notice one thing: prices are all over the place! For example, a Full Front End coverage, you may be getting prices from $1,000 all the way to $2,500. There is no Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for PPF.

This is due to dealership pricing at the point of sale, experienced installers, new installers looking for work, or just shops trying to sell work at a smaller profit but the quality is much lower. So what does your natural instinct tell you? Pick the cheapest since they are all the same!

Over the past decade, I have seen “fly by night” shops install PPF and close down after a year or two. Leaving their clients with no place to go to for maintenance or warranty claims. I have seen brand-new Teslas and Ferraris being repainted due to poor prepping and cutting up the paint. It’s a shame, but happens daily.

All PPF will protect your vehicle the same way. Quality material is very durable. PPF will vary on their thickness, glossiness, and durability.

In most cases, most of the time and money spent on a coating job, is the labor to prepare the paint for PPF. A proper Full Front End coverage will take one to two days to install, while Full Car Coverage could take up to five to seven days.


It is highly recommended to get a Paint Correction before installing PPF. Some shops out there will try to "sway" you away from it, simply because PPF will hide some of the defects due to its adhesive. The truth is, most PPF installer do not offer Paint Correction due to no experience in doing it, and they would have to wait till the work is done before the PPF installation. These shops or dealerships don’t want to wait so they don’t offer it or recommend it. Applying PPF over a scratched or swirled car will result in a loss of gloss.

If you skip the Paint Correction process, especially if you are getting the front end coverage, the front end will look swirl-free and the rest of the vehicle will have scratches and swirls all over it.