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In today's blog post, UPPF will share with you the main reasons for the damage, aging and loss of gloss of car paint protection film. Knowing the reasons can better restore the car's former style.

1. Natural factors. The blowing of wind, sand and dust; the impact of muddy water in the rainy and snowy season; the asphalt splashed from the asphalt road; gum, insect droppings, bird droppings and oil pollution; various industrial emissions in the atmosphere; acids, alkalis and ultraviolet rays in the sun, etc.

2. Human factors. Improper choice of new car waxing supplies or improper operation method; alkaline cleaning agent is used when washing the car; the pressure of the water gun is too high when washing the vehicle, and the cleaning procedure or technique is incorrect; when there is dust on the surface, wipe it with a rag or towel to make the car small scratches appear on the paint surface; do not pay attention to daily waxing protection, causing unnecessary erosion of the paint surface such as ultraviolet rays and acid rain; the quality of the coating materials used in automobiles does not meet the requirements, etc.

With the increase of service time, the paint film is inevitably oxidized and corroded, so that the paint film gradually ages. Fading and loss of gloss are only one of the external manifestations of paint film aging. Doing a good job of caring for the paint film can greatly delay the aging speed of the paint surface.

3. Lens effect. The so-called lens effect means that when there are small water droplets on the paint surface of the car, because the water droplets are in the shape of a flat mountain lens, they have a focusing effect on the sunlight under the sunlight, and the temperature at the focal point is as high as 800~1000°C. As a result, the paint surface is burned, and small holes invisible to the naked eye appear, some of which reach the metal substrate. If the burn range is large and the distribution density is high, the paint surface will suffer from serious loss of gloss.

4. The impact of traffic film. The traffic film is an electrostatic layer formed on the surface of the car body when the paint surface rubs against the air when the car is running. The static layer is very easy to absorb corrosive substances such as dust and harmful gases, which will cause the paint surface of the car body to fade and lose light.

Car paint protection film provider - UPPF

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