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Timely and scientific maintenance of car paint protection film is an important measure to delay the fading and loss of light of the paint film. Today, UPPF shares with you how to prevent and treat the fading of paint protection film.

Protection against fading of paint protection films

1. Use high-quality cleaning agents and correct cleaning methods to clean the car, so as to remove harmful substances on the surface of the paint film in time.

2. After rainy or foggy days, wipe off the water droplets on the surface of the paint film in time to prevent the lens effect.

3. Use high-quality car wax to polish and wax the paint film surface in time, so as to form an upper protective layer on the paint film surface, isolate the paint film from contact with air, and prevent oxidation and corrosion.

4. Improve the car parking environment and prevent natural erosion.

5. Install the anti-static device of the car to prevent the generation of traffic film.

Treatment method for paint protective film fading

1. Grinding and polishing. For mild natural aging and light scratches caused by discoloration, loss of gloss, and no obvious scratches on the paint surface, the spots on the paint surface can be observed with a magnifying glass. If the paint surface is lost due to the above reasons, it can be cleaned and polished first to eliminate the fading and loss of light on the surface, and then waxed and polished.

2. Colored wax. Colored wax is also called colored wax. The main function of this kind of wax is to increase color. It belongs to a single polymeric wax and contains a small amount of colored glaze, which can make vehicles with the same color and car paint more gorgeous. Because the color wax has the functions of color enhancement, filling and covering, it can restore the surface of the faded and lost gloss paint film.

3. Paint film renovation. For the fading and loss of light caused by severe natural aging and lens effect, carefully observe the paint surface with a magnifying glass. If you find more spots on the paint surface, it means that the paint surface has been seriously eroded. Due to the loss of gloss on the paint surface caused by the above reasons, it is required to repaint and renovate the paint film.

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