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Car paint scratches are traces of lines that appear on the surface of the paint. UPPF, an exporter of car paint protection film, will share with you the reasons for its occurrence and the identification of deep and shallow scratches.

Causes of scratches on paint protection film

1. Improper scrubbing. During the scrubbing of the car, if there are hard particles in the cleaning agent, water or scrubbing tools (sponge, towel, etc.), it will cause scratches on the paint surface.

2. Improper nursing methods. When polishing the paint surface, if the selected grinding disc has a larger particle size, the grinding force will be greater.

Heavy or missed grinding will leave scratches of different degrees on the surface of the paint film. Also, when waxing, if the wax type is wrongly selected and the sand wax is used on a new car by mistake, circles of scratches will also be made. mark.

3. Accidents to scratches, the car scratches with other cars during driving, scratches with roadside branches, and scratches with dust, sand and stones in the atmosphere during windstorms and sandy weather will cause scratches on the paint surface.

Identification of deep and shallow scratches on paint protection film

The car paint structure is generally a paint + varnish system. Modern cars generally use a topcoat system that combines paint and varnish. Deep or shallow scratches on the surface of the car are always accompanied.

Shallow scratches refer to slight scratches on the surface coating, the scratches pass through the varnish layer and have damaged the base coat, but the base coat has not been scratched through and do not involve the primer; deep scratches refer to the base coat has been scratched through and can be seen The metal surface of the car body.

Paint protection film exporter - UPPF

When you choose to maintain the appearance of your vehicle, UPPF sincerely recommends that you choose us. Whether it is a partial installation or a complete vehicle installation, our PPF will give your vehicle the maximum protection. You can rely on us.