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Today, UPPF, an car PPF exporter, would like to share with you the precautions when handling shallow scratches on the paint surface. We hope to be helpful to all car enthusiasts when caring for their cars.

(1) Before the shallow scratch treatment on the paint surface, the surface to be treated must be cleaned and waxed.

(2) The polishing agent cannot be applied on the polishing wheel, and a small towel should be applied evenly on the part of the paint surface to be treated.

(3) The application area of the polishing agent should be appropriate, not only to facilitate the polishing operation, but also to avoid drying due to untimely polishing.

(4) When polishing, the priority should be mastered. The place with many paint defects should be heavy and slow. When using force to remove it, it should be heavy and light when returning it.

(5) Spray clean water in time when polishing, preferably in mist form, to prevent the polishing agent from being washed away due to excessive water flow.

(6) The topcoat of European and American cars is generally thicker, while the topcoat of Japanese, Korean and domestic vehicles is generally thinner. When polishing, pay attention to grasp the size, and never expose the top coat.

(7) The polishing operation can be done manually. During manual polishing, attention should be paid to the polishing movement route not to randomly scratch or circular movement, and to reciprocate based on the longitudinal parallel line of the vehicle body.

In short, polishing operation is the core technology for the treatment of surface paint scratches. Matters such as the choice of polishing agent, the amount of polishing agent, the correct use of polishing machine, and the identification of polishing degree should be continuously explored in operation practice, and experience should be continuously summed up. Improve your technical level.

Now you can also use a paint pen to quickly repair shallow scratches. When using it, choose a paint pen that is similar to the color of the car body to evenly paint the color on the scratch. This method is simple and easy to implement, but the paint on the repaired part has poor adhesion, is easy to peel off, and has poor aesthetics.

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