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Paint protection film is a high-end series of products in the automotive after-market industry, its protection of the original car paint is remarkable, compared to the previous waxing, ceramic coating, glazing and other products to highlight its role in the follow-up maintenance is simpler and more convenient. And PPF also can effectively save unnecessary care time, repeated care times and care costs for the car owners. At the same time on the durability of the paint, scratch resistance have been significantly improved.

For a high quality paint protection film, it should not only be able to brighten up the car's paint, but most importantly, it should have strong anti-scratch, anti-hit and anti-corrosion.

The principle of Paint Protection Film is to wrap a layer of "fresh film" on the whole car paint surface, so as to prevent the damage to the paint surface caused by the corrosive substances in the atmosphere and the contact objects that may cause scratches to the paint surface, so the good or bad of Paint Protection Film all depends on this layer of film. The material of the film.

Material Development

With the development of technology, the material of Paint Protection Film has gradually evolved from the initial PU to PVC material, while the emergence of TPU and TPU+coating material in recent years has enabled the auto-repair function of the paint protection film to be realized. Due to its soft stretching nature, the paint protection film can quickly recover to its original state when it is slightly scratched by stones, branches, etc. This also means self-healing.

When the paint protection film is finished, it tends to dry naturally, so that the adhesive on the film can fully fit with the hood and make the water vapor between them to evaporate naturally. At this point, you will see that not only the brightness of the paint surface is improved, but also the saturation is a shade higher.


In daily use of the car, stone splashes and tree branch scratches can damage the paint, but as long as you are not a perfectionist, you will not be able to repair your car through insurance because of this small injury. However, if you look at the price and cycle time of such beauty items as waxing and ceramic coating, Paint Protection Film is still a good value for money.


Generally speaking, Paint Protection Film is a protective film applied to the surface of the car paint, and is a new type of environmentally friendly film with the composition of polyurethane, containing anti-UV polymer, with super toughness and wear resistance, and has the best anti-yellowing properties.