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Car PPF, like other components, will gradually become old and aging with the increase of use time. Defects in the paint surface of the car not only affect the appearance of the car, but also corrode the paint film and gradually penetrate into the deep layer, which may even damage the sheet metal. Therefore, it should be removed in time.

Oxidation treatment

Year-round exposure to sunlight is the main reason for shortening the life of car paint. This process is called oxidation. What is observed with the naked eye is that the car paint is black, white, and dull. If there is no abnormality, you can ask a professional to apply some reducing agent on the car when washing the car; the painted area looks like new. Painted, and the unpainted place is much worse.

Commonly used professional non-dewaxing car wash liquid to wash the car can slow down the oxidation of the car paint, but it cannot stop the oxidation. When it is slightly oxidized, wax can be used to remove it. Once it is severely oxidized, it must be ground and polished.

Treatment of cracks

Metallic paint may develop a very fine crack that will continue to penetrate the car paint until it breaks down the entire paint layer. This phenomenon is called cracking. Cracks are difficult to detect with the naked eye at the initial stage, and when the cracks can be detected with the naked eye, they are already serious. Due to the presence of car wax in the cracks, streaky cracks will be found on the car body. Resprayed metallic paint can sometimes crack, which is due to the quality of the spray paint (the resin in the car paint shrinks and cracks). At this time, it can only be cured by repainting.

Frequent waxing can reduce cracks. When cracks are still in their infancy, they can be removed with special car wax.

Fading treatment

Oil fumes and pollutants in the atmosphere are the main reasons for the fading and discoloration of car paint. Different from oxidation, when fading occurs, uneven color difference will appear in the car paint.

Frequent car washing and waxing can prevent and reduce fading. Slight fading can be dealt with by polishing and waxing, moderate fading can be treated by grinding, and severe cases must be repainted.

Car PPF supplier - UPPF

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