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Today, UPPF will share with you the processing method of the thin edge film during the transition period of the car, and how to process the car intermediate coating and the adjacent original topcoat.

Processing method of automobile transition thin edge film

Choose the right sandpaper and use manual or mechanical grinding;

If the repair area is small and the diameter is only 15~20cm, it is recommended to use rubber grinding blocks or other large-sized grinding blocks to pad sandpaper for grinding;

Use water sandpaper to grind from the inside to the outside, or from the outside to the inside (when the area is small, you should draw a circle, and when the area is large, you should use a straight line. During the grinding process, you should often use a sponge to moisten the surface);

After sanding to form a thin edge, change to fine sandpaper and continue sanding to remove the marks left by sanding with coarse sandpaper.

Intermediate coating and adjacent original topcoat processing method

Sand the center of the intermediate coat with 400-grit sandpaper dipped in water;

Use manual polishing to remove overspray on the adjacent original topcoat, and wipe and polish the edges of the intermediate coating;

buffing of the entire touch-up area on the natural paint;

Wipe the polished surface with a rag dampened with a small amount of water and detergent;

After the bottom layer is processed, the surface layer can be repaired;

The paint and spray gun should be prepared first before surface spraying.

Paint preparation: one is to adjust the color of the paint to be consistent with the color of the original car; the other is to use the specified thinner to dilute the paint. When diluting, the paint should be stirred evenly and the viscosity should be checked.

Spray gun preparation: two, one is used for spraying color paint, mark the color paint on the spray cup; the other is used for spraying anti-fog ring paint, the spray cup is equipped with 1 part of slow speed thinner and 1 part of medium speed thinner agent, and about 5% of the varnish, marked on the spray cup, eliminate happy ring paint.

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