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Car paint protection film is protective film for car paintwork which have perfect performance once applying on the surface of vehicles. It is thin and transparent and has super toughness. It effectively protects against scratches, small stones and sand. It also adheres perfectly to the surface of the paintwork, keeping it isolated from the air, effectively protecting it against acid rain, oxidation and scratches, and providing lasting protection for your car's paintwork.

Advantages of UPPF paint protection film

1. Easy maintenance, reducing the cost of waxing the bodywork.

2. Environmentally friendly, will not produce any toxic side effects and pollution to human body and nature.

3. Have numerous colors to choose, the paint protection film can effectively brighten the car paint and keep its brightness for a long time.

4. The paint protection film does not hurt the original paint after tearing off, and does not leave glue, restoring the original face of the car paint.

Role of paint protection film

1.Improve the brightness of the body

The Paint protection film can improve the car gloss, and more stable and lasting. In addition, the transparent light cover coating of the Paint protection film can effectively improve the anti-UV ageing ability of the paint surface, and will not easily change colour and yellowing.

2. Anti-corrosion and scratching

Car paint is exposed in the air for years, and is bound to face the oxidation of air and corrosion from acid rain, as well as the inevitable sand and gravel splashes and scratches from trees. The Paint protection film is equivalent to a transparent protective film, which can separate the car paint from the outside environment and achieve effective protection for the car paint.

3. Elastic self-healing

The Paint protection film is made from TPU, a repair material with elastic memory that automatically repairs scratches when they occur. You don't have to worry about small cuts and scratches. It should be noted that the effect of self-repair depends on the depth of the scratch and the environment in which it is used, if it is a large cut it cannot be repaired automatically.

4. Keeping the value of your car

Value preservation is an issue of concern to many car owners. When buying and selling second-hand cars, painted cars are generally not valued highly, while Paint protection film can perfectly protect the original paint and can enhance the brightness of the paint, while protecting the paint and also play a role in preserving the value of the car.

Nowadays, the paint protection film market is mixed, the quality varies, there are all kinds of materials, the best paint protection film material is still TPU.

UPPF is the most suitable for cars, no adhesive, yellowing resistance, no cracking, long service life, UPPF car paint protection film quality is excellent, the price is suitable, with UPPF paint protection film, let your car shine like new every day.