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Paint Protection Film is a new type of high performance, environmentally friendly polyurethane film that is thin, transparent and very tough. Paint protection film has become an emerging product in car decoration services and has its own unique role in protecting the paintwork. The first thing a car owner should do after buying a new car is to apply a film to the car, which will isolate the paint from the air, acid rain, oxidation and scratch resistance, and provide lasting protection to the car's paintwork.

Repairability of PPF

A good paint protection film with repair and thermal repair functions, which can repair minor scratches such as daily car washes and effectively resist damage caused by paint scratches or even minor collisions.

Stain resistance of PPF

The stain resistant paint protection film does not leave rain spots or water stains when rained on, and the film residue is easy to clean.

Stretchability of PPF

A good paint protection film has good stretching properties for the overall application of spherical and curved parts of the model, as well as inert springback to avoid warping and shrinking of the edges after application to a greater extent.

Water repellent of PPF

A good paint protection film has an outstanding surface smoothness, liquids do not easily remain and there are no rain spots.

Tactile feel of PPF

A good paint protection film has a good feel and is soft and delicate.

Smell of PPF

A good paint protection film has no smell or is non-irritating when smelled through the nose. A bad paint protection film smells like heavy chemicals.

Transparency of PPF

A good Clear paint protection film is not only highly transparent, but also blends better with the original paintwork and improves its brightness. 

Through the above points of narrative understanding, we know the hazards that Vehicles paint is prone to suffer, and also clear the importance of the original paint for the vehicle, directly related to the vehicle's service life and value retention caused by direct impact. Then we also have a deeper understanding of the origin and identification of paint protection film, and know what the benefits of car film are and how to choose a good car coat film.

Paint protection film is an effective solution for car paint care. Compared to traditional waxing and glazing, the protective layer of clear film has a better protection effect and does not hurt the car paint, which can achieve a long lasting protection effect. It not only enhances the brightness and gloss of the paint, but also acts like an stealthy guard, clinging to the surface of the paint, resisting grease, rain and snow corrosion, even if the car is exposed to the sun for a long time, the paint is not easy to yellow and age.

In short, to choose a good car film, the first choice should be TPU material paint protection film, nano-molecular re-crosslinking technology and room temperature self-repair function is recognized by the majority of customers, on the basis of good film more should have a good film master, more than three years of film experience, full manual installation can play the best protection effect on the whole car paint surface.