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PPF is a thermoplastic polymer material film used to protect automotive paintwork. Taking UPPF paint protection film as an example, PPF has several major features.

1.The ductility of the paint protection film determines whether the film can fit the body perfectly, the curvature of each part of the body differs from model to model. uppf paint protection film is ductile and can fit your car perfectly, protecting every inch of the paint.

2.The car will inevitably be subjected to UPPF paint protection film has superb anti-corrosion properties, which can help your car resist corrosion.

3.Anti-scratch is one of the reasons why many car owners choose to apply paint protection film. After applying UPPF paint protection film, there is basically no need to worry about small bumps such as stone splashing and hard objects scratching. If the scratches are obviousand the paint is not damaged, you can take off the scratched part and replace it with a new one.

4.The reason why the car paint protection film can protect the car and ignore the ordinary small bump, besides the high strength of the polymer material used, another important reason is that the car paint protection film has some self-healing ability. If you find a scratch, you can try to use a hot air blower to blow on the scratched part, as long as the scratch is not deep, UPPF paint protection film is made of thermoplastic polymer material, it will be restored as new when it meets heat.

5.The car paint protection film uses high quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, which ensures that it will not open and blister within a certain number of years, and at the same time, prevents the body from having glue residue after removing the car paint protection film.

6.There are various styles of car paint protection film, such as transparent, matte, glossy, and phantom, which can be selected by different car owners. The car paint mask reduces the cost of future maintenance and repair, saves the owner's time and shows the owner's personality. It is the choice of the majority of car owners!