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The difference between color changing film and Paint Protection Film is colored and colorless? Actually not, the difference between Paint Protection Film and Auto Color Change Film is that the former focuses on "protection" while the latter focuses on "color change". Since the market demand for the two types of films is different, there are also differences in materials, performance and price between the two.

Material Composition

At present, the main material of Paint Protection Film is TPU, composed of polyurethane, chemically classified as "rubber", with the following composition: coating + substrate + adhesive layer.

Color change film is mainly made of PVC, which is chemically classified as "plastic", and is composed of dye layer + substrate + adhesive layer.

The former is colorless and transparent, strong toughness, the latter is easy to color (dye). 

Warranty time

Due to the substrate and structure, Paint Protection Film has a longer warranty, usually 5-10 years, and most brands on the market have a 10-year warranty.

For car color change film, the warranty time is shorter, usually about 1 year for aging and discoloration, the warranty length is usually 1~5 years, most brands warranty length is about 2~3 years.


The middle layer of Paint Protection Film is TPU substrate, and the top layer is nano-coating, which has thermal repair (scratch self-healing), corrosion resistance and strong resistance to penetration.

The middle layer of color change film is PVC, and the top layer is color coating, which does not have restorative, weak toughness, and does not have anti-cuts function, and the color of the top layer will gradually lighten or change color (lose color) under UV irradiation.

Main function

The main role of Paint Protection Film is to protect the car paint, focusing on "protection".

The role of color change film is mainly to change the color, the car has been driven for a long time, inevitably like the old and new, change the color for a change of feeling.

Product cost and price

Paint Protection Film consists of raw materials such as adhesive layer, TPU substrate, and coating.

Color Change Film consists of adhesive layer, PVC substrate, and color coating.

For each layer, Paint Protection Film is higher than car color change film in terms of raw materials (TPU cost is much higher than PVC, and the solution of thermal repair coating is also a very expensive raw material, coupled with the high standard production process, the material cost of Paint Protection Film is 3-5 times higher than color change film).

Therefore, the price of Paint Protection Film is much more expensive than color change film.

Construction Differences

Paint Protection Film construction is more sophisticated, there is a special car-specific (computerized film cutting, the so-called machine cutting), there is manual film cutting (referred to as 'handbag'), machine cutting is the trend. Part of the delicate Paint Protection Film, need special installation fluid, film washing liquid, care solution, etc..

Color change film is relatively simple, the construction is basically hand-cut, and does not require any special installation solution.