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Whether it's a new car or an old one, paint care has always been a key concern for car owners. Many car owners have been entangled with coating or crystal plating. Did you know that a different kind of paint protection method has been slowly spreading within the automotive market? It is PPF.

The function of PPF

Effectively protects the car paint against from rock chips, pitting at high speed.

Prevents malicious scratches from sharp objects such as keys.

Effectively protects against accidental minor scratches.

Protects against UV rays, acid rain, animal droppings and other erosion.

Increase the brightness of the paint by more than 30%.

Reduce the cost of daily paint care. Eliminates the need for polishing, waxing and coating.

The definition of PPF

PPF is a high-performance film that can effectively prevent oxidation, acid rain corrosion and scratches on cars.

The main materials of PPF

There are many kinds of PPF on the market, divided into imported and domestic ones. But no matter imported or domestic PPF, we have to ensure one thing: the base glue is acrylic base glue, which can be removed without residue.

Regardless of which brand PPF is, the main material is just two kinds: PVC and TPU.

The PPF made of PVC mainly relies on hardness to protect the paint.

TPU is a kind of thermoplastic polyurethane plastic, which can be softened under certain heat and remain unchanged at room temperature. Therefore, TPU-based PPF only needs to be heated when applying. Some people use a grill gun to heat, but some people use hot water to work, the method varies, but it is the same use of its characteristics.

TPU's cold resistance is outstanding, and can withstand -40 degrees Celsius. It is also very tough and has a certain degree of hardness. If it is scratched, it can repair itself within the range of non-destructive damage.

The relationship between PPF and car body film

The two are subordinate, body film includes PPF, there are two kinds of body films, one is color change film, the main function is to decorate the body and protect the paint. The main function is to decorate the body in customized wayt.

The other one is PPF, the main function of PPF is to protect the car paint in all aspects. It can not only improve the gloss of the car paint and prevent the paint from oxidation, but also prevent the paint from scratching and collision.