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What is Paint Protection Film? Briefly, it is a transparent protective film adhered to the car paint surface. The product material of PPF is a polyurethane film, which contains anti-UV polymer to resist yellowing. PPF also has super flexibility, making it abrasion-resistant, non-yellowing, and anti-collision. After the paint surface is attached with PPF, it can be isolated from the air to achieve the effect of anti-acid rain, anti-oxidation and anti-scratch, so as to protect the paint surface of the car for a long time.

Structure of PPF

UPPF has a five-layer ultra-strong structure.

The first layer is an optical PET. It serves to protect the coating of UPPF.

The second layer is a polyurethane coating, which acts as a self-healing function against minor scratches.

The third layer is optical non-yellowing TPU. It resists external forces when they penetrate the coating.

The fourth layer is a repositionable acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, which helps UPPF could easily reposition when apply to the car, attach to car body tightly for long endurance, and peel off without any residue or damage to the car paint.

The fifth layer is a super flat release base film.

Applied PPF vs. unapplied PPF

When a good PPF is applied to the paint, will make the paint brighter, especially for black car paint.

A paint surface with PPF can be wiped clean by a paper towel even if it is drawn on by a marker pen. The poor performance of the film can not achieve this effect.

A good PPF has good abrasion resistance and endurance. If you choose a PPF made of bad material, it will not be able to be perfectly installed and protect your car, but will also seriously reduce the value of the vehicle.

Vehicles that have been used for some time, especially those with black or dark paint, must have a lot of obvious dazzling lines in the place of the hood. But when you apply a good Paint Protection Film, the previous obvious scratches and hairy lines can be completely covered up, making the overall bodywork look new.

Features of Paint Protection Film

1, Transparency: Paint Protection Film can be perfectly blended with the original car paint, without affecting the original color of the car.

2, Anti-collision: PPF has super flexibility, which can prevent the body from scratching and collision. While protecting the car paint from acid rain, solar radiation, etc., it can also prevent general friction and scratches, cushion the force of stones hitting the car, so that the car paint from harm.

3, Easy to peel off: Many car owners worry that in case Paint Protection Film cannot be peeled off after several years of use. Generally speaking, Paint Protection Film is very easy to peel off. For minor scratches, it can be repaired by heat without peeling off.

4, Anti-yellowing: PPF can block UV rays and prevent yellowing and aging of car paint.

5, Decorative: PPF can effectively improve the gloss of car paint by 15%-30%.

6, Paint protection: PPF can perfectly isolate the air, acid rain, dust. PPF is also very resistant to oil sprayed by the road asphalt splashed on the paint, only need to wash the vehicley.

7, Easy to clean: The coating is easy to clean, thus reducing the frequency of car washing.

8, Paint Protection Film has an automatic repair function when the temperature reaches 65 degrees or more.

9, Paint Protection Film warranty range: except for artificial causes of warping, cracking, blistering, delamination, fading.