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Paint Protection Film is now widely used in the car care market, and its annual sales have nearly doubled in recent years. So, what are the benefits of Paint Protection Film? Why do people love Paint Protection Film?

Anti-scratch function of PPF

PPF can directly prevent the car paint from being maliciously scratched by hard objects such as keys. Because the Paint Protection Film is a thickened material, the normal strength of the key will not scratch through the Paint Protection Film. Therefore, PPF will be the ultimate protection for your car's paintwork.

Self-repairing function of PPF

PPF itself is extremely flexible and has a certain degree of self-healing properties. When it is lightly scratched, it can automatically repair minor scratches and make your car shine like new.

High gloss of PPF

The high transparency product itself has a high gloss and transparency, so the vehicle is affixed with PPF not only will not reduce the gloss of the body, but also can improve the gloss.

UV protection of PPF

PPF has an anti-UV layer, which can resist the damage of UV rays to the car paint, so that your car's paint is as bright and clean as the factory after a few years of driving.

Prevent damage function of PPF

Paint Protection Film provides the ultimate protection from damage such as insect gum tree gum, acid rain, wind and sand, road splash tar spots, high-speed splash stones, etc. by virtue of complete physical isolation.

PPF's function to prevent minor scratches

For some cases of minor scratches, according to many customers who have applied PPF, Paint Protection Film can provide excellent protection. A cut on the vehicle may cause a piece of paint to fall off, but a car with Paint Protection Film applied may be unscathed or only slightly damaged by the local protective film. It can usually be treated in 30 minutes to 2 hours. If the car's paint is damaged without PPF, in addition to the tedious insurance procedure, it usually takes 3 to 8 days of waiting time at the 4S store. Paint Protection Film allows the car owner to save greatly from the cost of time and effort.