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As an important means of transportation in human society, the car is an expensive must-have, and presents a high correlation with the social standing of the purchaser. Therefore, most people are very caring about their cars.

If you have recently purchased a new car or are considering a new car, you may have come across paint protection film, clear bra or clear shield as options to protect your new car's paint. It is a truth that everyone agrees that the appearance of a car often depends on the state of its paint. But with the cost of protecting your car's paint quickly reaching into the thousands, many people question whether they are worth the price tag. 

The answer to this question is not a specific yes or no. The answer really depends on you personal budget and the car you are protecting.

We've found that people have several different ways of looking at their cars and how they maintain them, how they expect them to look, and how long they plan to keep them. You may find yourself in one of these categories.

"I want my car to be perfect for as long as I own it."

If you're the type of person who wants your car to be flawless, have a glossy paint job and plans to keep its value at the highest standard, then Paint Protection Film is definitely worth it.

The paint protection film is barely visible, has self-healing properties, prevents swirling and comes with a 10-year warranty. The film helps protect the value of your vehicle by preventing the appearance of debris, pitting, scuffs and scratches. This is useful for any car from Ferrari to Honda because it helps you recover a higher resale value when your vehicle is updated. In general, cars in the Excellent Condition category ranks 10-15% higher in resale value vs. the Very Good category which allows for light damages like rock chips. This can mean a significant increase in the value of the vehicle, especially at the higher end.

"I can live with gravel on my car and consider it common wear and tear."

If you find yourself less concerned about some gravel on your vehicle, then PPF may not be worth the investment for your new car. You can choose from a number of daily detailing programs at auto detail stores that have cheaper prices and good quality detailing.

But daily maintenance will be more frequent, and those hidden cost like service cost, transportation, extra fee for Every time a retailer sells a product you don't know if it works, will accumulate to a big amount thus PPF maybe looks more economic and convenient way.

The most important thing about whether paint protection film meets your consumer expectations is your perception of your car. Your consumption of paint protection is closely related to the value of your car to you, and by realizing this, you can easily get the answer to your heart's desire.