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Many people ask: How our UPPF works?


The answer is that our UPPF with a top coating is bonded to the film at a molecular level during the manufacturing process, virtually eliminating the need for waxes. It not only raises the concept of car beauty maintenance but also can protect the original paint and reduce the depreciation. TPU material can boast super self-healing properties and puncture resistance, compared with PVC material, TPU material can effectively shield against surface-level nicks and scratches. Combined with UV-resistant, anti-yellowing adhesives and an ultra gloss finish, our technology results in beautiful, long-lasting protection wherever you go.


What's more, TPU material plays a key role in its function. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane and is a highly versatile elastomer with unique properties that offer both superior performance and processing flexibility. TPU can be as soft as rubber or as hard as rigid plastics. The look and feel of TPU is just as versatile. It can be transparent or colored as well as smooth to the touch or provide grip. Therefore, our TPU material with top coating can protect your car paint perfectly.



1. Improve the brightness of your car paint to 40%.

2. Wonderful repairing ability.

3. Super tensile strength.

4. Completely isolate acid rain, sand, guano, and other damage to the paint surface.

5.Resist a variety of strong pollutants and the car paint is clean as new for a long time.

6. Anti-yellowing and lasting due to its endurance of extreme environments.

7. Electronic warranty can solve your worries.


UPPF always aims to go further. Shine your life and make a difference. We aim to continue to provide solutions and spend innovation, so that you can always protect what you love. We never stop on protecting just your investments, but we also want to protect your business, friends and family, passion, environment, and the future of our brand.


In the case of UPPF Clear PPF shield, our Clear PPF with Coating technology PLATICOAT™ for stain-resistance is specifically serving our customer and its core function rely on stain-resistance. Our product can remove the dirty water on the surface of the car immediately without leaving a trace. Besides, Clear PPF is a transparent adhesive film for protecting automotive paint and other vulnerable surfaces from chips, scratches, discoloration and punishing outdoor weathering. The 7-8 mil film is comprised of a tough polyurethane base and clear topcoat, tested for resistance to weathering, stains, shrinkage and elongation.


Stand out, Why JOYVIE UPPF?

Each product in the JOYVIE family contains a special coating that provides self-healing abilities, as well as hydrophobic and damage-resistant functions. Furthermore, our product is extremely durable, and in the case of a warranty claim, will never cause a conflict of interest. Trust UPPF, we will stand behind your installation with high quality customer service.