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With the popularity of paint protection film, many people have asked us if we think that paint protection film can really protect the paint as perfectly as rumored. We do have a lot of experience and insight on paint protection film, and we are more than willing to share our knowledge and opinions on paint protection film with you.

Does paint protection film work?

The answer is yes. The industry has changed dramatically over the past few years, and the days when paint protection film would quickly turn yellow, dull the paint, and even make it easy to tell when it was on a car are gone. With great film installers and a quality UPPF, you will hardly to identify a clear bra has been applied to your car and work for you silently during the total car lifespan.

Can paint protection film completely protect my car from paint damage?

UPPF does have the amazing ability to heal hairy swirls and scratches with heat, leaving your paint shiny. It also has the ability to absorb impact and protect your paint from debris.

However, it should be clear that there is a possibility of the film being punctured. Normally, the film will take the impact instead of the car's paint. But there are times when, if the object striking the car is sharp enough or fast enough, it can go through the PPF and damage the paint. The UPPF plays a role in this by making the expected damage much less than what could occur if the car had no film at all. This is a rare occurrence, but we've seen it happen primarily in highway driving or in heavy tracked cars traveling at high speeds. Of course, the problem is not completely without a solution, and UPPF is available in a thicker PPF style that can provide a greater degree of protection for the paint in this scenario.


There are many different scenarios that can happen in the use of a car and no protection can guarantee 100% protection from damage. But UPPF is working hard to make sure that our products give you the maximum protection for your car's paint. We will also recommend the most suitable paint protection film for your driving needs. We are your trusted partner.