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Paint Protection Film, or PPF for short, is a new high-performance, environmentally friendly film. It is indisputable that it plays a protective role for car paintwork. With the development of the world economy, more and more people buy luxury cars, and at the same time, the market demand for PPF also rises.

The Origin of Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film originated in Europe and the United States, and was initially called "Rhinocero skin", it was used as a military product in U.S. military helicopters and stealth fighter jets in the 1960s and 1970s, and only in the 1990s did it gradually become a civilian product, mostly used in top-class racing cars.

It really started as a paint protection product in the early 21st century. At that time, it was mainly used for luxury cars and European royalty cars. Until today, the main application of paint protection film is still mainly for luxury cars. With the rise of new energy vehicles such as Tesla, people are more protective of their cars and the application of paint protection film on car paint is being adopted by a larger market segment.

The application of paint protection film

Paint protection film, as a transparent film of thermoplastic polymer material, can effectively protect the original paint surface of the car from debris impact, hard object scratch, chemical corrosion, etc. because of its anti-corrosion, anti-scratch as well as self-healing and anti-oxidation properties. It can also prevent the surface of the car from turning yellow due to long use.

With the current level of technology, the most economical, fast and effective way to protect a car's paint is to apply a paint protection film. With paint protection film, the driver can feel at ease while driving. A glossy paint job also provides the owner with a pleasant visual experience when parked.

UPPF promises that we deliver exactly the results that you expect.