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Paint protection film and vinyl wrap are both used on automotive paint, but their functions are very different. PPF is a virtually transparent, self-healing urethane film with the main purpose of protecting the paint. Vinyl wrap is a PVC-based thin and flexible film. It comes in a variety of colors, finishes, and textures. You can print any design on a vinyl wrap, and the main purpose of a vehicle wrap is for decoration or advertising.

Some people may ask, can paint protection film and vinyl wrap be applied to a car at the same time? The answer is yes. The only thing you need to consider about their installation is the order of their installation.

Installation order of PPF and vinyl wrap

The effective protection period of PPF promised by UPPF is ten years, during which you can enjoy the protection of PPF for your car's paint with confidence. Even if the PPF is scratched, in most cases, UPPF can give effective treatment by using the thermal repair function of PPF.

If you want to put vinyl wrap on your car paint, you need to ask yourself if you want to keep this vinyl wrap on your car paint for at least ten years?

PPF in the upper layer of vinyl wrap

When you are sure that you like vinyl wrap enough to last ten years, then PPF should be applied on top of vinyl wrap to take full advantage of the protective effect of PPF. That means, the colored film will be protected from rips and stains for the life of your paint protection film, which is typically 10 to 15 years for UPPF.

It should be complemented that the vinyl wrap being placed under the PPF must be a single layer.

PPF in the under layer of vinyl wrap

If youre not completely sold on the new color for your vehicle, or if you plan to change it up in a few months, its a good idea to put a paint protection film on first, followed by your vinyl wrap. This is so that you can shield your original vehicle paint from damage during the vinyl installation, and you wont have to reapply the PPF layer if you decide to replace your vinyl wrap.

For any complex or layered vinyl packaging, we recommend that the vinyl is placed on top of the PPF. If a paint protection film is applied over the vinyl, small air pockets will form between the two layers. At first this might not seem like a big problem, but it does have an impact on the aesthetics of the film. What's more, these tiny air pockets may increase over time, forcing the two layers of film to separate. For best results, it is easier and wiser to apply the paint protection film to the car's paintwork first, and then apply more vinyl wrap over the top.


The installation order of PPF and vinyl wrap is based on the car owner's needs, and each order has its own rationale, as long as it achieves the desired paintwork.