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PPFs are hardly cheap to install and it is a reasonable thought that car owners will want to make them last longer. In fact, there are a number of proven ways to extend the life of PPFs.

The lifespan of PPF

UPPF's PPF is guaranteed to last 10 years, while the usual PPF lasts between 7 and 10 years after regular maintenance. Given that car owners sell or trade in their vehicle every 8 years, on average, many clients who choose to install PPF enjoy its benefits with no issues for the life of their vehicle.

Cars are used in different ways, some are driven frequently over rough terrain, others are only used for short commutes in the city, and these have an impact on the life cycle of the PPF. And for the average person, the biggest reason for replacing a PPF is a traffic accident. Fortunately, this expense is often covered by the at-fault driver's insurance. It's a good idea to consult with your insurance provider about their policies regarding aftermarket and protection services before you invest in PPF.

Ways to extend the service life of PPF

The way of how you care of PPF in the days that follow the installation can determine its lifespan.

1. Don't try to smooth out any bubbles under the film's surface. These are normal and disturbing them can disrupt the curing process.

2. Never pick at the edges of the film. This will disrupt the adhesive.

Washing of vehicles with PPF

Once your PPF is fully cured, keep it looking pristine by following your installer's guidelines for washing your vehicle.

1. Avoid pressure washing, particularly at a close range.

2. Use soft materials to wipe your vehicle, and be mindful of the film's edges.

3. Wash your car regularly (every 1-2) weeks, and remove any bird droppings or bug splats promptly.

4. Make sure any waxes or surface coatings are compatible with your PPF before you use them.  


PPF is one of the best paint protection methods available, and the 10-year protection period of UPPF provides an additional layer of assurance of the paint's beauty. When you pay attention to PPF maintenance, you get a longer-lasting maintenance of your paintwork.