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PPF is a guaranteed way to protect vehicle paintwork, but many people are hesitant about the price. In the eyes of the very hands-on, perhaps completing the purchase and installation themselves is a viable way to save money and get more enjoyment out of the process. So, is it feasible to install PPF yourself?

Misconceptions about PPF installation

Paint protection film probably seems simple. Just add some appropriate film, or apply other sorts of protection products, and call it a day, right? Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy, and it's best to leave paint protection work to the experts.

We highly recommends that you not apply paint protection on your own. As they put it, It is far easier to cause damage than it is to get it right.Since we're pretty sure that no one is out to damage their car, we'll second that advice and recommend consultation with an expert before trying to protect your own paint.

If the paintwork isn't professionally washed before the sealant is added, any dirt on the surface could end up trapped between the sealant and the car. Such permanent unsightliness, while a small risk, is still a risk inherent in the paint protection process.

Advice on finding a PPF installer

Only you can decide whether paint protection film is worth the investment. If your target is to keep your car in top condition, or if you envisage yourself trying to resell it for top dollar, then paint protection film may well be worth the cost. This is especially true if you can find a trustworthy specialist, who will offer their services at a reasonable price. UPPF is one of them.


Although the money required to buy and install PPF yourself is lower, it is not an option worth going for. As this could end up costing you more financially due to a lack of professional knowledge and skills. We would rather recommend that you find a UPPF professional who can suggest a solution to suit your vehicle's situation, as well as a bespoke cutting and installation service for PPFs. There is also a 10-year quality guarantee.