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Paint Protection Film is a transparent, durable urethane film that we can apply to painted or smooth surfaces of your car or truck. Film is installed on vehicles, but you may not know exactly where it is installed.

Installation area for Paint Protection Film

In most installations we protect the bonnet of your car or truck and the front edge of the front bumper. For an additional level of protection we can apply Paint Protection Film to the fenders, the side-view mirrors and the headlights. The rear bumper, door sills, rocker panels, the roof and door handle cups are also common locations where Paint Protection Film can protect against scratches and scuffs. If you take your car to the track, protecting the area around the wheel wells, side skirts and rear bumper will make it easy to remove rubber thrown up by sticky tires. Some clients protect the entirety of their vehicle to ensure it always looks great and remains easy to maintain.

PPF installation priorities for different cars

If you load and unload cargo frequently, protecting the rear bumper cover is a great way to keep it looking factory-fresh. As one of the clearest, most transparent films on the market, UPPF works great on headlights to keep them looking like new.

If you have a pickup truck, we can protect the top edge of the tailgate and the sides of the bed so that they won't be scratched when loading or unloading cargo. In a worst-case scenario, if the film is damaged, it can be removed from the vehicle and replaced quickly and easily.

PPF covering the edges of the vehicle

All our kits are designed to be as sympathetic as possible to the shape and design of the vehicle, so any visible edges do not look out of place. When designing the personalized patterns, we aim to meet each of our individual clients' needs. No matter if we are talking about a bonnet, A-pillars, vents, a carbon fibre splitter or an interior protection pack, we can produce a fully custom pattern to match.

More than that, we always strive for perfection, applying one piece of paint protection film to each panel (when possible); in addition, we will wrap the edges out of sight, so that once fitted the clear self-healing film will be virtually invisible.


PPF is a highly adaptable product that can be fitted to almost all exposed parts of the vehicle and gives them a sufficiently strong degree of protection. The UPPF offers different solutions for vehicles with different purposes of use and product models to ensure that the vehicle is adequately protected.