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PPF is the film that is attached to the paintwork of a car and you can see how powerfully it protects the paintwork. But we know that waxing, repainting and many other means of restoration can also be used to keep the paintwork looking good.

So, why do we still choose PPF?

Because PPF is a beneficial investment.

Self-healing of PPF

One of the key benefits of the UPPF paint protection film is its ability to self-heal. Small scuffs and scratches will be absorbed by the film when exposed to heat from the sun, hot water or a hairdryer. Even if someone brushes up against your bumper, we can bring back a high-gloss finish that makes your car look like new again.

If the damage is more severe, but not into the paint, we can remove the film and replace it with a new piece. The result is like having the paint redone, but it only takes a few hours, rather than a few days.

Time saving with PPF

With PPF, the cost of time you spend on paint maintenance is greatly reduced. Keeping your car looking great requires a time investment, but with car paint protection, you will find this job is easier. Not only does the film prevent dust build-up on your car, but it also makes washing the car faster and easier. As for the ware and tare, the PPF can be kept looking good with regular maintenance, for many years. While it may pick up some marks, it will keep more than 99% of marks off the paint, not to mention that one of the stronger selling points is the fact that the self-healing property.

More than that, when you don’t have time to wash, or if you live in an area with water restrictions due to drought, just rub the PPF with a soft cloth for it to look clean and bright again.

PPF to increase resale value of vehicles

Considering that the panels are customized and designed for fitting each particular part of the vehicle, each of them can be easily replaced (when needed – in case of light collisions, for example) within a short time, with affordable expenses and no extra worries regarding the colour match or the quality of painting. There are some who may argue that it is cheaper to re-spray damaged panels. This is not necessarily true, as a proper re-spray (especially on high value cars) can cost several times more than a PPF coverage even without including the car’s depreciation caused by the re-spray. A proper re-spray will cost more even on a moderately priced car as with every high quality service.

After removing the old film, a freshly installed piece of PPF was applied on the panel and the vehicle was back on the road. There’s often little to be done to increase a used car’s resale value, but car paint protection can help. Not only will it keep the paint looking good and prevent damage that could detract from value, but savvy buyers also understand the value of this investment and will pay more for a car that has it.


Owners who install a PPF get beneficial results from it: reduced paint damage, reduced maintenance time costs and increased resale value of the vehicle. Each of these is a real benefit, so installing a PPF is a beneficial investment.