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Clear PPF is a transparent and thermoplastic protection film or material. It is most often used on the front of a car, where a car is most likely to come into contact with road debris, gravel, branches, etc. It is now popular to use clear PPF in conjunction with a ceramic coating.

It is now popular to use clear PPF in conjunction with ceramic coating, the former providing protection and the latter providing gloss. UPPF products can now be used without ceramic coating and still maintain the gloss level of the paintwork.

PPF to maintain vehicles’ appearance

You are probably committed to all the standard practices for protecting the appearance of your vehicle: washing and waxing regularly, being aware of where you park and driving safely. So, you may be asking, "Do I really need paint protection film to protect the appearance of my vehicle? Is clear PPF really worth it?"

The reality is this: there is no amount of healthy maintenance habits that can protect your vehicle from road debris while driving, and there is no wax or clear coat that can provide the kind of defence you get from a touch-up paint job, or for want of a better term, paint protection film. It creates a permanent physical barrier between your paintwork and the hazards on the road, thus preserving the original quality of the paintwork. When you apply Paint Protection Film, it will protect the vehicle’s new paint job from future damage, because Clear PPF eliminates many of the factors that accelerate the ageing of your vehicle.

Crystal clear PPF

At this point, you might say, "All this protection comes at an aesthetic cost, right? Won't the paint protection film affect the look of my car?"

In short - no, because you can't even tell it's there. It's called a clear PPF for a reason: it's invisible to the naked eye. Your car's paintwork will be just as shiny and glossy as before with the paint protection film applied. In fact, it may look even the better because we purge and polish the paintwork before applying the film!

Impact of PPF on vehicle resale

As well as the emotional benefit of enhancing your enjoyment of your vehicle, paint protection film can also have financial benefits when you sell your vehicle. If a vehicle with similar miles is unprotected, it will have more warts on its exterior, reducing its overall value. When you sell a vehicle with paint protection film, you can sell it for a higher price as the second owner will get a used car that looks like it has just come off the showroom floor.


Clear PPF, which is almost indistinguishable to the naked eye, provides strong protection for your car while enhancing the gloss of the paintwork. It is a worthwhile investment in maintaining the condition of your car and saving time in refinishing it.