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Why do people choose to install paint protection film? There are many reasons, such as to reduce paint damage, to maintain the price of the vehicle, to reduce UV damage to the skin, etc. In fact, all these reasons can be explained as being for convenience.

A car is large and it is not cheap to maintain it, both in terms of time and financial costs. And paint protection film can significantly reduce these costs. A car with a paint protection film sticker, with the promise of UPPF, does not have to be worried about the quality of the paint protection film for 10 years. So compared to other car owners, the time and money spent on waxing and refinishing the car's paintwork over a 10-year period is saved.

In fact, the PPF installation process is just as easy.

The PPF installation process

1.Clean surfaces, ideally with a degreaser.

2.Use diagram to identify all the film sections.

3.Spray the film with the fitting solution, whilst removing the backing.

4.Lay the film onto the bodywork, then slide into position to match the diagram supplied.

5.Continue working the film with the squeegee until all air bubbles are out and the edges are securely in place.

6.Finally, use a hair drier to slowly warm the film and ensure adhesion, especially on the edges.

Tips for PPF installation

For curved sections, the stretching force should be used to make the transition, and for edges, finger pressure should be applied to ensure a snug fit.

Length of installation of PPF

The average time it takes to install paint protection film depends on several factors. When putting paint protection film, Film Technicians occasionally need more time to set up their tools and equipment.

The size of your car primarily determines it. Only one to two days are needed to finish a tiny car. It can take more time to complete the installation if your vehicle is more extensive.

It also depends on the demands of the customer. Specific clients desire paint protection film installation for the complete vehicle, but some customers also expect it for particular regions alone.


The installation of Paint Protection Film is a professional affair and can take from a few hours to 5 days depending on the size of your installation area and the size of your vehicle.