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There has been a lot of publicity about PPF and more and more people are aware of how PPF looks and the various performance advantages it offers. As a result, many people choose to install PPF after purchasing a new car, while at the same time many people are concerned whether they are being over-marketed, leading to the purchase of a product they do not need.

UPPF understands your concerns and as an integrated PPF supplier, we do not want our customers to be buying our products without knowing exactly what they need.

Determining the demand for PPF

1.Do you have a lot of trees in your yard?

If yes, then you should consider protecting your paint against birds, acorns, and other natural debris.

2.Do you have a long daily commute or enjoy taking weekend road trips?

Then paint protection is a good thing for your car as it can protect the paint from chips caused by flying stones and insects.

3.Do you keep your car in a garage when you are not driving it?

Then you can consider skipping the option of paint protection.

4.Do you wax and clean the car regularly or get it professionally polished?

Then you do not need the protection as regular care can keep your vehicle's paint showroom shiny.

Functions of the special PPF

We've discussed enough about how well PPF protects your car's paintwork, but if you really don't need that much protection, it doesn't mean you're not a good candidate for PPF at all.







Its obvious that we focus on clear PPF too much. There are some other PPFs of UPPF, which could change your cars color, or reduce UV damage to your skin on journey. These features can also be what you need for PPF.


PPF is a competitive item in the market. After years of research and development, it is no longer comprehensive enough to think of the PPF in terms of protection alone. When you have a car that you like, it may be possible to think about the suitability of the PPF for you from a more general point of view.