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What does a car mean to you? A vehicle for transportation? A private space? A second home? The car is a remarkable invention, not only in terms of transport, but also in terms of financial investment, personal space, a place for family communication and much more. When you consider the expensive investment of installing Paint Protection Film on your car, it already represents an emotional investment in your car.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about PPF.

Protective effect of Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film as we know it today is made from thermoplastic polyurethane. This material has many impressive properties, including elasticity, resistance to oil and grease, transparency and abrasion resistance. It's exactly what your car's paintwork needs to stay fresh for years to come.

In addition, thermoplastic polyurethane has self-healing properties. If the surface is scratched, the material extends and regains its shape so that any minor scratches are not visible.

The paint protection film is easy to install and maintain. It retains a great display room look and enhances your mood every time you view your vehicle.

Paint Protection Film on car paint

Paint Protection Film is applied directly to the paintwork and there is no substance, such as wax or glue, between the Paint Protection Film and the paintwork.

However, strictly speaking, there is still water between them. Paint Protection Film is installed on car paint that has been cleaned with water, the reason for doing this is to achieve a better fit. This water will automatically evaporate and disappear within a week. It is not advisable to wash the vehicle within a week of the Paint Protection Film being installed to ensure that the Paint Protection Film is applied.

Daily maintenance of Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film saves the owner a lot of work in restoring the car, but you should not stop maintaining Paint Protection Film. Monthly waxing will give your Paint Protection Film a better shine, and daily washing is an important means of keeping your car looking good. These tasks should not be overlooked.

Cost of Paint Protection Film

The application range of Paint Protection Film is optional and you can choose to control your costs by installing it on the hood and front bumper. However, if you drive for a long period of time or if your vehicle is of high value, then the full installation of Paint Protection Film is an option that is in your financial interest.