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Paint Protection Film is the easiest of almost all means of paint maintenance to maintain, as its self-healing ability saves many car owners a trip to the car repair shop. But we can't ignore the fact that Paint Protection Film needs to be maintained.

Proper installation of Paint Protection Film

The basis for the maintenance of Paint Protection Film is a suitable installation at the beginning. A seamless Paint Protection Film installation is not as simple as a DIY video on YOUTUBE. A professional installation shop, such as UPPF, can take several hours to complete the installation of Paint Protection Film on a car. If you were to do it yourself, this could take at least 1 day.

The process of installing Paint Protection Film can be simply divided into: correcting existing paintwork imperfections, cleaning the car, confirming the position of the Paint Protection Film, applying the Paint Protection Film evenly and pushing out the air bubbles.

Maintenance of Paint Protection Film

1. Keep up regular cleaning.

2. Remove bird droppings in a timely manner and also chemicals.

3. Consider waxing once a month.

Car maintenance for newly fitted PPF

1. Give PPF at least seven days to cure before washing the vehicle.

2. If you are using a pressure washer, keep away from the film’s edges. It could cause the edges to lift, reducing the protection.

3. If you are planning to wipe the surface, make sure it’s hydrated. Wiping dry PPF can damage it.

4. Don’t use any abrasives or chemicals. If you can’t remove dirt, oil, or debris from your car, ask for professional assistance.

5. Never use a power buffer on PPF.


Paint Protection Film is not complicated to maintain. Simply put, it can be maintained as if it were the original paintwork. A glossy Paint Protection Film is an expression of beauty, and when you take care of it, Paint Protection Film will give you good performance and a longer lifespan in return.