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It is difficult to ask someone who has not yet used PPF to imagine a life with PPF. For them, life without PPF is not special, they live their lives. Just the occasional scrape against the wall when reversing into the garage, just the occasional door bump by a bike, just the occasional stone impact when going down the highway.

Operational logic of PPF

PPF is not bulletproof, it can be damaged. The whole idea is for PPF to take the abuse instead of paint.

To make it clear——on a vehicle with 20,000 miles on it, there will be thousands of small impact spots on the paint and more than a few dozen actual chips of paint flaking off during daily driving and rush hour traffic. A comparable vehicle with a paint protection film may have a small impact here or there, maybe 2-3 small chips/cracks in the film. If necessary, the film can be changed to retain the original paintwork.

Maintenance costs for PPF

In most cases, low speed impacts, brushing against objects, garage door openings, bicycles, bins or poles, the paint is saved by the paint protection film. In other cases where one would see an costly body shop, or file an insurance claim for a deductible, for a few days without the vehicle, the aftermarket paint is a consequence and the damage can be rectified in about an hour or two at a much lower cost. Just the damaged part of PPF can be replaced and the day saved.

Impact of PPF on daily life

Life's troubles are often small and constant, like garage doors, bicycles and gravel.

One day, when you're leaning against the front of your car, enjoying a moment of leisure, you may turn around and suddenly realize that the paintwork is dull and full of minor damage.

When you choose UPPF, you get a 10-year guarantee. If you agree to reduce this part of your life's troubles, come to UPPF. we'll give you what you want.