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If you want your car to be perfectly coated with a shiny paintwork and still maintain as high a value as possible, then a paint protection film is worthwhile. UPPFs clear paint protection film is virtually invisible, has self-healing properties, protects against swirls and comes with a ten-year warranty.

What Paint Protection Film can do

The coating helps to prevent the appearance of rock chips, pitting, scrapes, and scratches, preserving your vehicle's value.

PPF and vehicle value

The coating helps to protect the value of your vehicle by preventing the risk of debris, pitting, scuffs and scratches. This is ideal for any car from Ferrari to Tesla as it allows you to recover a better resale value when trading or selling. cars in the 'Excellent Condition' category of the KBB sell for 10-15% more than cars in the 'very good' category which allows for minor defects such as debris. This can significantly increase the value of a vehicle, especially at the top end of the range.

People not suitable for PPF

If you don't mind some gravel on your car, then PPF may not be worth the investment for your new car. We believe that PPF is not always the best option. Judging by the situation, perhaps another means of maintaining your paintwork is a better option for you.


The PPF's most suitable consumer group in today's market environment is still the owner of a middle and high end car. UPPF hopes that more car owners will choose to install PPF on their not particularly expensive cars, as the vehicle offers you a lot of emotional value and it deserves better protection.