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Tesla is a representative of new energy vehicles in today's automotive market. Environmental friendliness, style and comfort are all reasons why consumers buy a Tesla. These are also the reasons why Tesla owners install PPFs.

PPF to reduce paint peeling

When it comes to the appearance of any vehicle, damage to the paintwork caused by hitting road debris is almost always the most important. Minor scratches or swirl marks from an automatic car wash can be repaired by paint correction or polishing by a professional detailer. However, when a small piece of gravel or rock hits the paintwork, it can easily penetrate the thin factory varnish and create chips that are difficult to repair.

Installing a PPF on your Tesla is the only way to reduce permanent paint damage significantly. Its recommended to have a professional Film Technician apply PPF on the vehicles front end as this is where most road strike damage occurs.

PPF or a clear bra is a nearly indestructible thermoplastic polymer that is transparent, long-lasting, and can deflect most road debris once it hits the vehicle.

PPF to hide paint defects

When installing PPF, it fills in minor scratches, swirl marks and other defects in the factory paintwork - even those that have just been delivered to the customer. This helps to improve the depth, shine and brightness of the paintwork, leaving the black Tesla cars sparkling - and the white models crisp and clean.

Tesla-compliant PPF

UPPF has precise and reliable computerised cutting equipment to cut the PPF to perfectly fit any Tesla model, and the cut PPF is then fitted to the Tesla by professionally trained laminators to ensure that no bubbles or creases are present.


While the Tesla is unquestionably comfortable to drive, the UPPF's PPF will give you the same pleasure as you watch your Tesla.