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Many people consider putting protective measures on their cars, such as PPF or ceramic coatings, but are often hesitant about what they can do for their paintwork. UPPF will briefly explain in this article what PPF can do for your car's paintwork.

The role of paint protection film

It goes without saying that such products are installed to protect the factory paintwork of the vehicle. Many factors can cause visible or non-visible damage to the beautiful shine.

These factors include:

 Rocks and stone chips

 Scratches from physical objects, such as tree branches and twigs

 Water damage, such as acid rain

 UV rays

 Bird droppings

 Dust, sand and other debris that blows in the air

While you may see a deep scratch caused by, say, a stone chip, less obvious are the microscopic scratches that cause paint to degrade and fade over time. UV light is another culprit that leaches colour from your ride's paint - especially if you live in a hot climate.

Paint protection products create a very effective barrier between these factors, ensuring that your car remains in pristine condition for many years.

Paint protection film for used cars

Many people believe that PPF is only worth using on cars that have recently come off the production line. While this is a good time to install PPF, there are reasons to apply it to used cars with good paintwork condition.

PPF will:

 Maintain the paintwork in its current condition

 Significantly reduce the need for maintenance on the vehicle

 Make cleaning easier

 Help increase the resale value of the car  

Although it does not make sense to use PPF on a paintwork that has deteriorated significantly, it is a good option if the paintwork is in good condition. If you have a car that has been repainted, you should also consider installing it as such an expense should be well protected by the paintwork.

UPPF will do its utmost to protect your car and give your paintwork the longest lasting and most effective care.