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Once the owner has thought about which PPF to choose to install on their car, their task is complete and it is up to the UPPF to fulfill their needs.

For best results, Film Technicians should wear gloves or wash their hands thoroughly before applying PPF to avoid film contaminants (such as fingerprints) interfering with their hard work. While the PPF installation process may vary depending on the vehicle in question or the brand of paint protection film chosen, the following procedure remains the most widely used ....... The aim of our next operation is to ensure that the best possible bond is achieved between the vehicle and the PPF.

Removing debris is not only vital to the appearance of the paint protection film, but also to its performance. A good rule is to think of PPF as a ceramic coating, as the clear will only emphasise and then lock in what's underneath it.

So if you have scratches and rust marks all over your car, a clear bra will only make them more visible and very difficult to repair. Spend some money and get all the necessary paint corrections and body work steps finalised before you proceed.

With the paint and clear coat in pristine condition, now is the time to clean with some clean microfibre cloths and the old-fashioned double bucket car wash method. Opting to clean the surface with UPPF's Universal Adhesive Cleaner, which contains a special blend of solvents for removing adhesive residues, waxes, grease, tree sap, road tar, oil and bugs, is also a good idea when applicable.

Sprayed and wiped surfaces are cleaned with an ammonia fee, car safe window cleaner after the adhesive cleaner, this will remove any adhesive cleaner solvent left on the surface. Skipping this window cleaning stage could be disastrous for your success. This is because failure to do so may result in poor PPF adhesion and unsightly bubbles.

Only after completing such a preparatory work will UPPF apply the film to the vehicle. This is because we want to provide our customers with the best possible film results.