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Paint protection film is used to cover the bodywork of a car, but the area of application required for paint protection film varies depending on how the car is used. UPPF will present in this article the areas where PPF is routinely offered for application.

Partial Front End

partial Hood

full front bumper

partial fenders

Full Front End

full front bumper


full hood


full front fenders


Full Car

the whole car is protected with PPF

Selecting the right PPF package

What type of car do you usually drive?

Do you tend to avoid congested urban areas?

Do you have your own parking garage?

Are you a motorway driver?

If you tend to avoid busy city streets and don't have to park in a car park close to your neighbors, the risk of damage to other parts of your car is reduced. While we always recommend full protection, a full front wrap is a great option for those who avoid most of the risks and want to save a little money.

UPPF will provide our customers with objective advice on the size of the PPF installation and a considerate and thoughtful services. You are guaranteed to get exactly what you need.