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Paint protection film is gaining more recognition as a great way to protect your car's paintwork from scratches, oxidation fading and other problems. For a product that is used to cover an entire car, its installation is undoubtedly a delicate job. There is no one who does not want the paint protection film they buy to fit their car perfectly.

Benefits of paint protection film

Protection against chippings, abrasions and scratches

Protection against stains, spills, bird droppings and insect offal

Protection against the adverse effects of UV rays

Easy to maintain

Preserves resale value

Extensive product guarantee

Installation Process

The installation process begins with extensive cleaning and external detailing. It is important to ensure that the surface of your car is absolutely clean and free of dust particles. We use clay bars to ensure that there are no particularly stubborn contaminants on the surface of your vehicle.

After this, the installation begins. The paint protection film is installed using the wet installation method. First, the surface of the car is generously sprayed with an installation adhesive or soap solution. Afterwards, each piece of material is also sprayed and applied to the panel. The spray solution activates the adhesive and allows the material to be moved and placed more easily.

Once all the components have been fitted, the car is left inside for a 12 hour curing process to ensure everything is dry and the adhesive is cured properly.


The installation of paint protection film is a delicate task and UPPF has trained highly trained film technicians to ensure a professional installation process. Protecting the effectiveness of your investment to the maximum extent possible.