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Paint protection films have become a popular solution for protecting the exterior of vehicles from the negative effects of everyday driving. UPPF will take a closer look at the specific features of PPF in this article.

What is Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film, is a clear flexible film approximately 8 mil thick, made from polyurethane. It is backed with a specially formulated adhesive that adheres safely to the surface of your car.

One of the best features of paint protection film is that it saves your money when it comes to repairing your panels. If something goes wrong and your car gets scratched, you don't need to replace the entire car part or repaint it. If your car is protected by PPF, a trained film technician will simply remove the film and replace it with a new one. Typically, PPF can withstand the normal damage that occurs during daily driving.

Paint Protection Film has heat activated self-repairing properties, meaning that scratches will repair themselves when some heat is applied, and PPF can be applied to the top of existing paint or vinyl wraps to protect them from harsh driving conditions.

Obviously, if your car is involved in a major accident, PPF will not protect the paintwork because the impact is too much.

Key Features

Self Healing most scratches will disappear with heat

Explicit Texture high gloss and matte finishes

Discolouration and Stain Resistance film remains clear under the harshest conditions

Non yellowing film will not yellow from UV exposure

Edge Seal Technology film will not start lifting on edges

Mirror Smooth Finish protection should be indistinguishable from factory paint

Durability superior impact protection

UPPF is committed to providing our customers with the most competitive paint protection films on the market and welcomes your consultation.