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New cars are prone to scratches and scrapes, and refinishing can not achieve the effect of the original paint, because the original paint is processed in more than 200 degrees under high temperature multi-layer. The whole process is fully automated to ensure the hardness, service life and brightness of the paint. So general auto repair stores and even 4S stores simply can not meet this standard.

Once your car's paint is scratched and scuffed, no matter where the repair is done, there will be some color difference and the vehicle's warranty will be reduced as a result. The paintwork determines the valuation of the whole car to a certain extent.

That's why paint protection film is popular in the market. With the continuous upgrading of paint protection film materials, paint protection film manufacturer is also trying best to achieve the ideal full protection of the paint surface. It ensures the separation of the original paint from the air, protects from acid rain, bird droppings, resin and other causes of varying degrees of damage, avoids paint splashes by flying stones highway, and scratches caused by various reasons. Paint protection film can really protect.

At present, the car film market is not very mature, in the stage of the gradual rise of Chinese brands, many Chinese brands of paint protection film are doing very well. It is inevitable that there will be Illegal seller or distributors sell Low quality ppf to customers in high price. And many car owners do not know much about the material of the paint protection filmand easily to be cheated.


At present, UPPF paint protection film is made of TPU material, which is more resilient and better ductility than traditional PVC and TPH materials, easy to be installed, can be repeatedly pasted, can be automatically repaired, strong scratch resistance, long yellowing resistance, keeping time up to 10 years or more.

UPPF paint protection film is one of the most popular paint protection film brands in China. It mainly includes: Clear ppf, Color ppf, Matte ppf, Magic ppf, Headlight ppf, Sunroof ppf. To sum up, UPPF is a light luxury brand more suitable for young people. 


UPPF paint protection film uses UPPF exclusive research and development platinum coating, in addition to the normal anti-scratch, there is a better resistance to yellowing and scratch self-repair function. Meanwhile it always guard you and your car all the way to travel. The original paint is unique and irreversible, so in order to protect your car, you could use UPPF paint protection film.