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Paint protection film is a protective film used to protect the paintwork of a car, which is cut and laminated to the paintwork to resist possible external damage to the paintwork. From the time they were developed to the present day, paint protection films have evolved to become more and more versatile and come in a wide range of colors.

UPPF provides a wide range of PPFs and in this article the reader will find a number of our classic PPFs.

The paint protection film was originally designed to be transparent to show the original paint color. However, in recent years UPPF has introduced a new range of colored paint protection films.

Clear PPF

One of the most commonly used types of paint protection film is clear PPF. It is clear and transparent and has a high gloss finish. This type of film is usually applied to glossy cars.

Matte PPF

Matte finish PPF is another type of film. It is used on two occasions, – when the car is matte, and the owner is looking to protect it. Or when the car is gloss, but the owner wants to change the look as well as add protection. In case of matte PPF on a gloss car Partial PPF wrap is out of the question, since wrapped parts will look completely different from non wrapped.

color PPF

You are no longer limited to clear paint protection films. UPPF have introduced a range of colored and MAGIC paint protection films. Paint protection film is no longer just about protecting your vehicle from damage. colored and magic films are doing this in a stylish way that allows you to customize the look of your vehicle while keeping it safe.


The demand for customization is bound to increase and the wide variety of PPF in terms of appearance is the result of UPPF's adaptation to market developments and our desire for our customers to get the look they want for their cars.