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Although UPPF is confident in its paint protection films, we agree that there is no such thing as a flawless product in the world. We do our best to upgrade and optimize our PPFs and we want our customers to have a rational perception of our products.

Aesthetically, PPF will never be as clear, deep and no texture as paint. It is usually 6-10 mils thick and is actually a piece of plastic, so it will of course have some texture to it. At the same time, PPF is light and thin in texture, so the difference between covered and uncovered paint is minimal.

Sometimes the film is unable to wrap around certain gaps in the paint, so the edges of the film will show through. As a rule of thumb, this is most likely to be seen on silver cars. A good installer will get these edges as close to the edge of the panel as possible (sometimes right on the curve of the edge) so that it disappears.

The above problems are due to the nature of the PPF material and you will forget about it a few days after the installation of PPF.

Sometimes stains and scratches appear on the PPF and this can be solved by thermal repair. In occasional cases, however, you can only solve the problem by replacing the PPF. This is because the PPF is there as a sacrificial layer and it will take the damage that should have been taken by the paint.

In addition, you must be careful with the aforementioned edges of the film when performing almost any maintenance. One of the biggest problems is using a pressure washer near the edge, as it can cause it to lift, especially if the angle goes right into the edge. Some common sense quickly solved this problem. On top of this, the edges will obviously collect wax, polish, etc. so you may need to tape them down or stay away from certain products.

UPPF wants customers to understand the product characteristics of these PPFs before they decide to buy them. Choosing to accept them after understanding them will be more valuable than blindly relying on PPFs.