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Maintaining the appearance of a vehicle is not an easy task. UV rays, debris, bird droppings and other factors can cause damage to a vehicle's appearance. PPF is an effective way to keep a vehicle looking gorgeous.

Paint protection film can be applied to motorbikes, cars and sports cars. It helps to save time on regular visits to scratch repair professionals. Other benefits and features include:

Self-repairing top coat with resistance to cracking and scratching

Protects against damage caused by salt, stones, insects and other road debris

Gives the vehicle a matte finish

Warranty of up to 10 years (only available on top quality PFF, such as UPPF)

Paint protection film can be applied to areas of the car that are prone to scratching. Some car owners choose to apply automotive PPF to the front of their vehicle to protect the paintwork. It can also be applied elsewhere on the car, such as behind the door handles or on the door sill plates.

Note on Installing PPF Yourself

UPPF recommends that you leave the installation of PPF to our film technicians, but if you are happy to experience the pleasure of installing PPF yourself, then we would be happy to teach you some useful tips.

Apply the film at moderate temperatures, i.e. 55°F and 90°F, as well as the vehicle surface temperature.

Do not apply the film in direct sunlight and make sure there is no wind, especially above 5 mph.

Don't forget to overlap and squeeze to remove any solution between the film and the painted surface.

Either wear gloves or wash your hands properly before installing the car paint protection film to avoid contamination of the film.

When installing the car PPF, ensure that the car is thoroughly washed and free from debris. Wash the car according to the double bucket wash method and use a clean microfibre cloth.

You may choose to use an adhesive cleaner which will help remove adhesive residue, grease, wax, tree sap, oil, road tar and bugs.

After using the adhesive cleaner, don't forget to clean the surface with an ammonia-free glass cleaner. This will remove any residual solvent from the adhesive cleaner from the surface.

Skipping a thorough cleaning process can lead to unsightly air bubbles.

When you choose to maintain the appearance of your vehicle, UPPF sincerely recommends that you choose us. Whether it is a partial installation or a complete vehicle installation, our PPFs will give your vehicle the maximum protection. You can rely on us.