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Paintwork problems that PPF can solve

Paint protection film is the same as cell phone film, which is to put a film on the paint surface of the car to protect the paint. So, what kind of paint problems can be solved after the paint protection film is applied to the car?

Minor cuts and scrapes

Car paint has a slight scratch, stick on PPF, minor scratches can be automatically repaired. In room temperature, these scratches will not hurt the original car paint, do not worry about the paint.

Car paint turning yellow

With the prolonged use of the car. The aging degree of automobile paint surface structure is also increasing. This is related to the characteristics of the car paint. Long-term polishing and waxing can make the paint surface brighter. However, this can only last for a period of time and it can also damage the original paint. PPF can protect the car paint, isolate the ambient air, keep the brightness of the paint surface, and have a better resistance to yellowing and aging. After a few years, the original car paint still looks like new.

Water spots & swirl patterns

Long time parking will lead to water droplets on the whole paint surface, if it has penetrated into the paint surface, car wash dose not help with this situation, frequent car wash may also cause swirl patterns. But if PPF is added to the paint, water droplets and sunbursts will not exist, and your car will always be as beautiful as new in use.

PPF has become a necessity in the car detailing industry, and many car lovers will put paint protection film on their cars. However, the effect of paint protection film varies, which is influenced by many factors, such as the quality of the film and the maintenance of the film, all of which will affect the effect of the film. 

Some stubborn stains are difficult to be removed by conventional car wash, owners can go to construction stores to rejuvenate PPF through professional care products.

Maintenance interval of PPF

Owners can also judge whether they need maintenance according to the actual use of their cars. It is generally recommended to go to the construction store for professional paint protection film care once every three months to help the paint mask maintain the best condition.