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Automotive paint protection films are designed to be clear to show the original paint color. However, there are also newly launched colored paint protection films. In today's blog post, UPPF will discuss the most popular types of paint protection films on the market and their applications.

Popular types of paint protection film

Clear PPF

One of the most commonly used types of paint protection films is the clear paint film. It is crystal clear and has a high gloss finish. This type of film is often applied to glossy cars.

Matte PPF (Invisible)

Matte PPF is another type of film. It is used in two situations - when the car is matte and the owner wishes to protect it. Or when the car is shiny, but the owner wants to change the look and add protection. PPF wrapping with matte PPF parts on a glossy car is out of the question as the wrapped parts look completely different than the unwrapped parts.

Colored PPF

You are no longer limited to clear clear paint protection films. Recently, several companies have launched a series of colored and textured paint protection films. PPF is no longer just for protecting your vehicle from damage. Colored and textured films are being implemented in a stylish way that allows you to customize the look of your vehicle while keeping it safe.

Application fields of paint protection film

Paint protection film can be applied to any exterior area of the car. Some internal applications are also available for enhanced protection. One of the most popular areas of coverage is full coverage. It includes the front bumper, hood, fenders and headlights. Since this area takes the most damage while driving, it's the first area you want to protect.

UPPF hopes to help customers understand its types and characteristic applications before deciding to purchase PPF, so that they can better choose the most suitable automotive paint protection film for them.