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Now with the popularity of every family on the car, families are gradually increasing their investment in the car, more than hundreds of thousands, and in order to better keep the car surface looking shining as brand new, protection of the car paint is inevitable, the wind and sun will inevitably occur oxidation fade, which should be fully aware of some paint maintenance knowledge, do a good job of cleaning and maintenance to delay the oxidation of the car paint.

How to solve the problem? Some people  regard waxing as a good solution, while some people say polishing good, other people will consider to use ceramic coating. And some others will recommend to install the ppf. in the end, which category is good, but also need specific analysis. 

Basic structure of car paint

Car paint generally has three layers consisting of primer, color paint and varnish, usually we see the car paint color faintly, basically it is caused by the oxidation of the varnish layer, basically it will not hurt the color paint, so we mainly protect the varnish layer basically can keep the car bright and have an excellent performance.

Polishing of Car paint

When talking about the maintenance method of car paint. We all know polishing and waxing. Then in polishing, the principle is to grind off the oxide layer of the paint along with the abrasive disc. Therefore, polishing the paint can bring some damage, and a good polishing technician can only do five to six effective polishing on a surface. So cars are polished as little as possible, once the varnish layer wears through only the paint. 

Waxing of car paint

Waxing was popular before crystal coating, the maintenance principle of wax is to fill the tiny dents on the surface of the car paint, so as to get the visual de-scratching and aesthetic effect. However, wax will slowly penetrate into the car paint and drive the car paint to accelerate oxidation. The white car is especially obvious. If you look closely, you will find that compared to a car without wax, a white car with regular waxing, although it looks bright, actually does not last long.

To really protect our paintwork, it is recommended to choose UPPF paint protection film.UPPF has ultra paint protection film products to protect vehicle original painting. Over the past 26 years, we have heavily invested in R&D and manufacturing capabilities so that we can fully develop and control all of our product lines in-house. Besides, We're constantly on the search for innovative ideas to better serve our customers.